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>Berlin – Here I come

11/21/2006 by eshan_admin

>Wow, I have finally gotten around to writing my blog again… it has been a busy few days since I have arrived here…

The trip here was a bit mad….

I ended up having to pay €75 excess baggage at easyjet… it was such a rip off… I already paid €7.50 online in advance for taking an extra bag and the text lead one to believe that if you pay this fee in advance you had no extra costs to worry about…

Turns out you pay the €7.50 to have an extra suitcase BUT you are still only allowed the same weight as with one suitcase (20 kilos)…. I had 30… so NEVER trust that these cheap airlines are always as cheap as they lead you to believe!!!

Then once I got to the other side my bag came out on the conveyor belt completely wrapped in plastic… seems they did a security check on my bag and broke the zipper in the process… a few other things went wrong but I am not going to dwell on them here…

Since arriving here I am just getting used to a whole new daily routine and meeting loads of new people… Understandably Blue Man Group have a very strict secrecy policy so I won’t be going into any details of what I get up to in the production… if you are that interested you will just have to come and check out the show! But I can tell you that I am having an absolute blast meeting the team and training for the show… everybody is so nice and helpful and I already feel like a part of the Blue Man family… I would love to share more but that will just have to do :oP

The great thing about where I am living is that I can walk to work… it is about a half hour on foot so unless the weather is totally horrible I plan on walking there everyday… I find that you get to know a city much better when you use your own legs to get around other than by car, bus or underground… you get more of a feel for it… apart from that it is good exercise!

At the moment the Christmas markets are being setup all over the place…

I walked past one particular stand that was selling Bratwursts and I just couldn’t resist buying one!

And believe me it was worth it :o)

I have also managed to go out for a drink to get to know some of my new friends a little better…

It doesn’t get much better than this!

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