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October, 2006

  1. >Paradiddle One

    October 30, 2006 by eshan_admin

    I just put up the next videocast… click here to take you to the tutorial site where you will also find the lesson notes…

  2. >Beatkitchen – Videocast: 05 Improvisational Interlude

    October 16, 2006 by eshan_admin


    I was going to start with paradiddles this videocast but then I thought ‘Nah, to hell with it…’ I felt like having some fun today… also a very important lesson… gotta just let go and HAVE SOME FUN… and that’s exactly what I did… check it out!

  3. >Beatkitchen Tutorials site

    October 16, 2006 by eshan_admin

    >I have decided to create a seperate site for my tutorials… don’t worry, I will still be posting all videocasts here as usual… but for those of you who would actually like to study the method I am introducing here, I thought it would be more practical to have a dedicated site where all of the lessons are easily accessible…

  4. >R.I.P Little Elvin

    October 15, 2006 by eshan_admin


    …we’ll miss you… xo

  5. >New Myspace profiles

    October 14, 2006 by eshan_admin


    I have finally gotten around to this… something I have been meaning to do for ages now… I have set up a few more myspace profiles… check em out:

    Phase Transition – solo project
    Spiratom – solo project
    Beatkitchen LOOPS – self explanitory I guess…

  6. >Blue Man Group results delayed

    October 13, 2006 by eshan_admin

    >Just got an email from Blue Man Group saying that it won’t be for another two weeks that we get the results from the call backs in Amsterdam

  7. >Beatkitchen – Videocast: 04 Double Strokes

    October 6, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Took a little longer than I expected but here it is… the next beatkitchen videocast… this time we are going to take a look at “Double Strokes”…

    … in total there are four variations of the double – as follows (‘R’ being Right Hand and ‘L’ being Left Hand):
    …pretty simple stuff… but, as with Single Strokes, they are not to be underestimated… these are the building blocks with which you will hopefully drum your way to success… and the better you master them, the more likely it is that you will be able to play all the tricky stuff well… as always make sure to practice these exercises with the click pattern introduced in the last podcast… have fun!

    PS: By the way, the amazing sunglasses featured in this podcast where donated by the fabulous Gwen Gwen Gwen….

  8. >Robert Anton Wilson SOS

    October 6, 2006 by eshan_admin

    The great Robert Anton Wilson is in need of help… if you are a fan of his work, as I am, you may want to contribute something in this time of need… click here for details…

  9. >Belated Psapp concert review

    October 1, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Sweet how I still receive the odd email from Psapp fans with links to stuff on the web… click here to read this ‘belated’ review I just got sent of the Vancouver show we did back in June